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Reduced pressure testing chamber
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Reduced pressure testing chamber
Mechanical sheet metal structure:
1.high textured appearance , surface matte stripes , and using flat handle, easy to operate , safe and reliable.
2.inner box material :. SUS # 304 stainless steel plate heat cold , mirror- treatment .
3.Carton Material :. SUS # 304 stainless steel .
4.Insulation Material: imported high- intensity fire PU foam insulation.
5.anti-sweat parts : K -tube heat energy systems and electric hot film as anti-sweat treatment .
6.test hole : 50mm hole on the left side of a body , a plug for connecting external power or signal lines.
Altitude Test Chambers/Refrigeration system:
1.European and American imported energy-efficient low-temperature hermetic compressors industrial
2.The cooling method using air-cooled , the full range of environmentally friendly refrigerants
3.imported dry filter , solenoid valve with frozen
4.air-cooled condenser , with cooling or water-cooled motor unit coil
5.Cryogenic refrigeration system using binary loop cooling speed .
6.expansion systems : capillary capacity control of refrigeration systems .
Climatic test low pressure chamber/Technical parameters:
1.Model : HLP - 408D
2.est area dimensions :. W65*H80* D80 CM
3.Machine Full size : W175*H205*D170CM
4.Temperature : -40 celsius degree ~ 150 celsius degree
5.Pressure :. 20Kpa ~ 101Kpa
6.temperature : 25 celsius degree to 150 celsius degree about 60 minutes ( about 2.0 celsius degree / min )
7.Cooling : 25 celsius degree to -40 celsius degree about 65 minutes or so ( about 1.0 celsius degree / min )
8.parsing accuracy: Temperature : 0.1 celsius degree
9.control accuracy : Temperature : (+ / -) 0.5 celsius degree
10.distribution accuracy : Temperature :. (+ / -) 2.0 celsius degree
Altitude Pressuer Chamber/Control System:
1.Ying imported LCD screen programmable temperature controller, high contrast with large viewing angle of the LCD backlight display .
2.can be set arbitrarily fixed conditions or procedural conditions .
3.fixed conditions set time 0-99H59MIN.   [rachel(at)aslitesting.com]
4.programmable mode can also set different conditions of the program 10 groups , any group program, also part of the number of segments to the interception of the loop .
5.within each set of programs can be set up . 100 different temperature, humidity and time ( maximum set each 99 hr 59 min), 10 groups of arbitrary programs can be connected in series , the maximum number of segments cycles up to 999 times .
6.with power and memory devices can continue with the rest of the program when the restoration .
7.can be used for heating and cooling slope control , and has a self- correcting function of temperature and humidity of a reference point .